How to stay awake (my personal list):

1) drink caffeine based drinks (if you can handle it)

No MORE than 300 mg of caffeine should be consumed per DAY!!!

Drinking soda, especially a variety of different sodas that are COLD will keep you awake for quite a while. Most sodas have anywhere between 23 and 42 mg of caffeine so 6 to 12 cans of soda would be best fit to help you stay up for long periods of time. THIS IS ONLY IF YOU’RE DESPERATE ENOUGH THAT YOU HAVE TO STAY UP FOR TWO OR THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Staying up for more than two or three days can seriously affect your health and be the catalyst that sparks a fatal situation.

2) drink lots of water (non-caffeine alternative)
No MORE than 8 cups, UNLESS if you go very often, this is NOT a water diet.

3) don’t lie down on the bed or a flat surface or on a couch
You WILL fall asleep! Instead, sit on a comfortable chair or cushion and do your work on a table or on a flat surface.

4) chat with someone else while your staying up
Why would you fall asleep talking to your best friend?

5) Keep the lights on!
If you have to turn the lights off, then at least keep a lamp, or a smartphone light or laptop light on. This is another easy way to fall asleep, I’m almost certain of it.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am not approved by law to give medical advice, I am not liable in case if anything goes wrong, by reading my post, and by heeding my advice, you assume all responsibilities in practicing the right care for yourself, this disclaimer pisses me off but I’m required by my conscious to warn every reader, seek medical attention if you’re not human enough to follow within the guidelines and know about all the pros and cons of each method of staying awake, this advice is based on my personal experiences, results may not be the same for everyone, results might not work for everyone, please be sure to read all words carefully and to re-read the instructions and the disclaimer at least three different times, please don’t search the internet for advice because you’ll probably get the same answers (jk).

If you want more suggestions, just comment below.



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